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News - 14/08/14

The illegal trade in ivory, rhino horn and tiger bone is never far away from our news coverage. Whilst products made from these items are increasingly socially unacceptable in this country, in some countries they are regarded as a symbol of social status.

News - 08/08/14

World-beating athletes, incredible crowds and volunteers were hailed as helping to make the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games ‘the best games ever’.

News - 08/08/14

Our new report is already resonating with business leaders with downloads being made each day since the report’s launch back in June and organisations wanting to talk to us about how we can help them achieve a sustainable future.

The Reason report seeks to capture the current best available evidence on the probable future and is designed to help inform thinking on business strategies to achieve sustainable success.

News - 01/08/14

July has been the hottest month since records began in 1914, according to Met Office figures.

But recent reports are now saying that August is going to be one of the hottest ever, with temperatures set to reach 100F. Boiling temperatures coming over from the continent and Africa are apparently going to create the hottest summer here for more than 300 years.

Weather forecasters are suggesting that August will start off cooler than July, but that it will then heat up to super-hot status.

News - 30/07/14

Fruit and vegetables are facing an absurd situation. On the one hand, people are encouraged to eat 5 a day (which can amount to a lot of money for families), yet throughout Europe we throw 300 million tonnes of it away each year.

In reaction to this, the European Union has made 2014 the ‘Year Against Food Waste’.

And French supermarket chain, Intermarche has launched a promotional campaign to help reduce food waste of "undesirable" fruits and vegetables.

News - 23/07/14

As part of some of our recent work with WWF, our challenge was to create a way of capturing WWF’s country-by-country environmental context, conservation priorities and plans in a single, graphical execution for presentation at WWF’s Annual Conference.