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29 Sept
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Putting character at the heart of your brand

Speaker: Ian Birkett, Creative Director
11 Oct

How to build a sustainable culture within your organisation

Speaker: Mike Peirce, Programme Director, CISL

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23 Mar 2016


As we continue to add major names to our client roster, we are looking to expand our team of full time project directors and project managers, and also add to a roster of freelance support.

December roundtable

16 Dec 2015

December roundtable

Our December roundtable took place earlier this month in central London.

Greg Davies, Head of Behavioural Finance at Barclays lead the discussion 'How to use behavioural economics to help people make better financial decisions'.   

Exciting opportunity

11 Dec 2015

Exciting opportunity

We have a vacancy available for a Project Manager here at the Corporate Culture Group.

The job will be based in our Liverpool office and provides a great opportunity to work with our experienced team on varied and interesting projects and a host of blue chip clients.

Autumn roundtable

10 Dec 2015

Autumn roundtable

Our Autumn roundtable saw guests attending from across the private, public and third sector.


A safe return

18 Sep 2015

A safe return

With many of us returning to work after sunning ourselves in warmer climes, it’s worth remembering how important it is to continue to impress on your employees health and safety in the workplace. With minds wandering to fond memories of lying on the beach, exploring a new city or even camping with the kids, it’s all too easy to be distracted.

Being clear

24 Jul 2015

Being clear

One of the big issues facing UK businesses today is the productivity problem.

There are clear links between productivity and employee engagement which, in turn, influence levels of trust and attitudes. If employees don’t feel they’re being treated justly or their contribution recognised, this can undoubtedly have an impact on productivity.

New clients and new commissions

It’s been a busy spring for everyone at Corporate Culture. In the last few months we've added a number of fantastic new clients to our growing portfolio, and we're working on some great projects with them.

We are delighted to welcome Clancy Group, Novartis, Welsh Water, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership, Liverpool Clinical Commissioning Group and Liverpool City Council to our client list. 

Headlines from new global employee research

There are a couple of interesting headlines in the Human Capital Trends 2015 report from Deloitte. 

First, the proportion of respondents citing culture and engagement as a “very important” issue almost doubled this year, from 26 percent to 50 percent. It is now the top issue - above leadership. 

Second, employees’ motivations have changed. The report says: "Today’s workers have a new focus on purpose, mission, and work-life integration. Today, more than twice 
as many employees are motivated by work passion than career ambition (12 percent vs. 5 percent)." 

To explore the full report, click on the link below. 

We're top again!

01 Jul 2015

We're top again!

This week we were pleased to hear that we are the only Liverpool agency to make the top ten agencies listing in this year’s Prolific North compilation.

Engaged employees

17 Jun 2015

Engaged employees

Only a third of UK employees are highly engaged at work which, in turn, reduces productivity to 20% below the average for G7 countries. According to new research, just 36% said they wre highly engaged.

Employees want family feel in workplace

The Employee Outlook 2015 survey has recently been published stating that regardless of an organisations size, the bulk of employees crave a company that has a “family feel, held together by loyalty and tradition”.

How we motivate millions

Back in March, we launched the latest in our series of sustainable success reports ‘Human’ at The Royal Society in central London.

'Human' is a pioneering and powerful new report that draws together a wealth of cutting-edge science and emerging research into what drives behaviours and decision making.

Engaging Millennials

26 May 2015

Engaging Millennials

Millennials report supports sustainable business practice with an insight into their ‘Big demands and high expectations’.

The Deloitte Millennials survey provides a fascinating insight into what this type of employee is looking for in an employer. The workforce of the future have a challenging wish list and it makes for interesting reading for anyone involved in employee engagement or indeed, sustainable business. Two practices close to our heart.

Mental Health Week 2015

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and with statistics stating that 1 in 4 British adults experience at least one diagnosable mental health problem in any one year and that 91 million working days a year are lost to mental ill-health it makes sense that employers are finally engaging at scale in ways to improve their services.

BLOG: Meetings for meeting’s sake

The average employee sits through on average 6000 meetings during their career. And 6 out of 10 described those meetings as ‘pointless’.

In a recent article by HR Grapevine it was also reported that during these ‘pointless’ meetings 70% zoned out, 48% doodled, 31% thought about what they were going to have for dinner and 29% just stared out the window.

New website launch

01 May 2015

New website launch

Hopefully you are enjoying the new Corporate Culture website you are currently browsing.

However, if you want to access any of our old content, just click here to view the old site.

Want to motivate millions? Sign up here

Corporate Culture's sister brand How On Earth - has launched their brand new subscription service.

Signing up gives you exclusive FREE access to the groundbreaking Human report.

BLOG: How good are your juggling skills?

During my busy week back at work after the Easter break I was put in mind of the poignant, 30 second speech that former CEO of Coca-Cola, Bryon Dyson gave a few years ago.

“Imagine life as a game in which you are juggling some five balls in the air..."

Office distractions revealed

Unnecessary meetings and loud talkers are revealed as the top distractions for British workers, a new survey reveals.

A survey commissioned by Samsung Electronics has shown that British workers only work an average of 22 minutes at a time before becoming distracted, resulting in 70 working days a year being considered unproductive. 

World Health Day

07 Apr 2015

World Health Day

Today is World Health Day.

The focus of the day this year is the importance of food safety. Attention is being drawn to the global threat of food-borne illness and disease – a problem largely under-reported and often overlooked. 

Engage don't erase

13 Mar 2015

Engage don't erase

A recent survey shows that half of UK organisations are suffering from invisible employee syndrome.

This is the term being used to describe when employees are not engaged with an organisation, so much so that their lack of presence and interaction with their employer is likened to being invisible. 

Today is Employee Appreciation day

Take care of your employees and they will take care of your business is the line. Employees are your greatest asset and one of the most important ways to appreciate your employees all year round is to effectively engage with them.

Engaging with your audiences

As thoughts turn to Spring and the changing of the seasons, we are seeing many of our clients looking at the need to engage with their employees, customers and other stakeholders to effect sustainable culture change within their organisations.

Internal communications priorities for 2015

A recent report into the internal communications sector interestingly highlights priorities for this year... 

More pregnant smokers quit if paid

This week it was announced that figures suggest 5,000 fetuses and babies die every year as a result of mums smoking during pregnancy. And it is claimed it can cost the NHS annually up to £64m for problems in mothers and up to £23.5m for infants.

Launch date set

16 Jan 2015

Launch date set

Plans are now well underway for the launch event of the latest in our series of sustainable success reports.

We've won again!

13 Nov 2014

We've won again!

Our team attended the Corporate Engagement Awards in London recently and were very pleased to win not one, but two awards.

We won!

17 Oct 2014

We won!

Last evening, we were absolutely delighted to win the 'Sustainable Campaign of the Year' at the Northern Marketing Awards of our work with Recycle for Greater Manchester on the behaviour change campaign 'Right Stuff Right Bin'

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