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Organisational Change

We help you develop the values and behaviours your organisation needs, and shape and deliver innovative cultural change programmes.

As a rule, people are cautious about change; they tend to prefer the security of experience rather than the uncertainty of the unknown.

However, if you understand their motivations, know the reasons for their resistance and appreciate the important role of effective, timely engagement in overcoming them, then change needn’t seem such a challenging prospect.

We’re experts at exploring the benefits of and barriers to behavioural and organisational transformation.

We know how employees and stakeholders perceive and respond to such changes, whether it’s a major corporate restructure, a new business strategy or a company-wide initiative to improve performance.

And our strategic and creative teams will work with you to translate this insight – aligned with your vision and goals – into values, behaviours, change programmes or other tailored initiatives.

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Employee Engagement

We help you motivate your people through creative internal communications and collaborative experiences to build a happier, healthier, more-informed workforce.

Doing this regularly and efficiently through innovative channels leads to better business performance.

Our expertise in behaviour change helps us get under the skin of people’s motivations and their barriers to action.

And these insights have informed internal communications strategies and creative solutions to help clients unite their workforces behind strategic priorities, sustainability initiatives and organisational culture change programmes.

So whatever you need, our creative consultancy can help.

Whether that’s researching your employees’ barriers and motivations to change, rallying them around a specific cause, increasing their performance in a key area, inspiring them to get behind the vision to bring business priorities to life, or simply celebrating some of the great things already happening in your organisation.

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Stakeholder Engagement

We use imaginative insight and creative communications to help you engage and map your stakeholders.

This helps you align your actions with the needs and expectations of your key audiences, fuels long-term business success, and creates value.

In theory it should be a straightforward process: find the people you want to communicate with, listen to their views, act on them, and share your message on what you did.

Of course, it’s rarely that simple, because what people say is often different to what they think and believe.

That’s a challenge we embrace. We can help you identify your key stakeholders, gather insight into the issues they view as material, and understand how they really view your business, service or product.

We help you truly tailor the process to stakeholders’ needs – moving them from being suppliers, employees or partners, to becoming true advocates, able to identify opportunities as well as risks.

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Creative Delivery

From the national recycling loop – which appears on products in every home in the land – to the visual identities and campaign activities of many public, private and third-sector organisations, we’re experts at building brands and delivering creative solutions.

Whatever you need, we can help.

Visualisations and iconography that capture the purpose of your organisation. Powerful narratives and messaging that embed your vision and values, or illustrate your strategic direction or culture change programme. And creative that resonates with your target audiences and motivates desired behaviours.

On every job, our writers, designers and digital experts work alongside our insight and strategy teams to tailor a solution to your organisational needs.

We create visual and messaging solutions that change the way your stakeholder and employee audiences think about their roles and how they can support your strategy to help bring your brand to life.

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